Why Should I Attend php[world]?

Many developers (and, importantly, their bosses) who have never been to a professional PHP conference wonder, “What will I get out of spending a few days at this conference?”

Gain Knowledge

  • Frameworks working togetherLearn how the major PHP projects are working together
  • Get insights into lessons learned by each project that can benefit you.
  • See a carefully selected lineup of talks that highlight points of connection and new approaches that can inspire new ideas in your own projects.
  • Learn new ways to work in PHP and how things you might like from languages like Java and Scala exist in PHP.
  • P1130927If you’re just starting in PHP, we have tutorials and training days to get you up to speed, ready to get the most out of the conference talks, and be productive when you get back to work.

Make Connections

  • P1140076The hallway track can be the most important part of the conference, and we’ve put that idea into our talks, our Open Spaces, and even into how we are staging events throughout the venue.
  • Meet a core developer to your favorite project, talk through a problem you’ve had, and have them as a resource on Twitter for after.
  • P1130993Get to know the core developer of another project you’re required to use and be able to ping them for the latest, greatest, up-to-date resources.
  • Meet local developers that you might want to bring into your organization or collaborate with in the future.

Embrace Community

  • P1140096Learn about where each community gathers to discuss problems.
  • Learn how to contribute to the projects you rely on.
  • Learn who are the thought leaders you should be reading regularly.
  • Meet local developer groups where you can continue learning and finding future colleagues as your organization grows.
  • P1130986Become a resource to others and raise your organization’s visibility in these communities, opening up new and unexpected opportunities.

The Bottom Line

  • A conference is one of the most affordable ways to improve your value as a developer and your effectiveness in your organization.
  • The connections you form can open up entirely new opportunities you couldn’t have dreamed of taking on before.
  • Each of these benefits has the potential to save you at least the amount of time you spend at php[world].

Travel StickersEven by professional conference standards, php[world] is different, and, we think, incredibly valuable for your growth as a developer. For too long Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!, Zend Framework, Symfony, and core PHP developers went to their own conferences and read their own blogs without seeing what was going on over the fence in the neighboring PHP project.

While Symfony and Zend Framework have led the way, Drupal has picked up the baton, Joomla! has gotten involved, and there’s a really important conversation happening between WordPress and core PHP developers. PHP and its ecosystem have changed dramatically as a result of these connections. Each of these projects is improving through cross-pollination. And php[world] exists to promote communication and learning across projects, speakers, and attendees.

Each of us at php[architect] has memories of important talks, contacts, and connections that made us better developers, better employees, and better mentors. We’ve designed php[world] to maximize these kinds of experiences for you.



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