While we strive to ensure that we provide an amazing conference with tons of technical content … we of course recognize that much of the value of a conference is in getting to make connections and getting to know people.  This is why for example we plan 30 minutes between each session to make sure that there is plenty of time for the ‘Hallway Track’ to take place between sessions.  But we are also planning a few special events as well to help encourage this:

Drupal 8 Release Party

drupal 8 logo Stacked CMYK 300We were excited to learn that Drupal 8 will be released on November 19th, during our conference!  In celebration, we are opening up the doors for the conference that evening, and turning our evening reception into a Drupal 8 Release Party instead.  Join us for some beverages and fellowship with other Drupal and PHP community members (and who knows, there may be cake, no lie!)

Our Open Source Hack Night is planned for that evening. We’d love for anyone coming to release party to stay and join us for that as well. Bring your laptops and hack together on the new version of Drupal for the evening!

You don’t have to pre-register to join us, but doing so for free would be great so we know how many to expect.  Don’t worry about doing this if you already have a main conference ticket however, we’ll assume that you’ll be there.

P1130993Open Source Hack Night

We are planning an open hack night to be hosted one evening and running as late as people want to still code!  Now the term “Hackathon” is applied to multiple types of events, so we decided to clarify ours as an “Open Source Hack Night” instead. This event is a simply an open time & place to get together and hack on some code for an evening. Exactly what code gets worked on, completely depends upon the attendees themselves.  Now at the same time we realize that it may be a bit overwhelming for someone new to the Open Source scene to walk into a room of laptops and not know what’s going on.  So there will be a number of specific Open Source projects that will be represented, each will have people there to help get you started down the path of helping them out if you want.  So it should be easy to show up and jump right in!

Open Spaces

The Open Spaces movement is a fairly new concept that has been sweeping the conference scene lately.  If you aren’t familiar with Open Spaces, it’s somewhat between a Birds of a Feather, and an Uncon. It’s simple a few circles of tables, and a signup board where people can sign up for a time slot, and a topic that they’d like to have a conversation about.  Then all that person does is show up at the right time, and place, and see who else shows up to join them.  The main idea with this is to spark a conversation about a topic that either you are passionate about, or would like to know more about.  It’s a great organized way of getting together with like minded people to have conversations about topics that are important to you.


We also plan on having a few evening receptions in the Expo Hall, with the help of our sponsors, to let everyone unwind after a long day of sessions, and to get to mingle with each other.  Because we expect to have a fair number of local attendees who might be wanting to get home at not too late of a time, we’ll be hosting these immediately after the last session of the day, so everyone will have a chance to participate.


Keep Track of Us

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